Portraits of Place,  2015  Sofia Gonzalez   

Portraits of Place, 2015

Sofia Gonzalez


Rachel M. Miller 

2017 Emerging Curator

A Natural Convergence 

Selected Works from the Art in the Park Exhibition Program from Wildwood Park for the Arts

A Natural Convergence features five Arkansas artists exploring the complex humanistic desire to explain the emotional, spiritual, and cultural connection to the environment through imagery, language, and color, resulting in diverse artworks selected from the Art in the Park exhibition program at Wildwood Park for the Arts.

Also curated by Sofia Gonzalez

About Rachel Miller & Sofia Gonzalez

Rachel M. Miller moved to Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1994 from Ramstein, Germany. Her childhood living abroad afforded her the wonderful opportunity to explore different cultures, an experience that heavily influences her writing and work in the field of cultural heritage. For over a decade, Miller has created educational outreach programs for several arts and cultural organizations, as well as taught writing and literature for university and non-traditional students.  Her writing has appeared in a variety of publications including the Localist magazine, Quills & Pixels, and the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture.  In 2015, Miller graduated from the Heritage Studies PhD program at Arkansas State University. Miller’s area of research focuses on the connection between community dynamics and cultural diversity and how it’s reflected through the use of the built environment. She is currently the Educational Programs Coordinator and Art in the Park Curator for the non-profit organization, Wildwood Park for the Arts.

Sofia V. Gonzalez is a visual artist and educator living and working in Little Rock, Arkansas. Gonzalez graduated summa cum laude from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts and Graphic Design in 2012. Gonzalez received a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, California in 2014 where she focused on furthering her skills in textiles and natural dye techniques. While a student at the University of San Francisco, Gonzalez used her passion for visual arts and outreach to work with local elementary school students on public mural projects. Since 2014, Gonzalez has taught community natural dye workshops in San Francisco and throughout Arkansas, which allow the public to learn how to make dye from waste materials and local plants. She is passionate about creating a sense of community and environmental appreciation through visual arts and textiles. Gonzalez is currently an Adjunct Professor of Studio Art at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and University of Central Arkansas.  Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States including San Francisco, CA, Chicago, IL, Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.