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Thank You to our 2019 Community of Supporters

Young Arts Patrons Board of Directors

Claire Brulatour

Whitney Hardy

Emily Oppenheimer

Denise Parnell

Mary Webster

Young Collectors Contemporary Advisory Group Members

Kimberly Diana Jacobs

Marina Pacini

Dr. James Patterson

Elliot Perry

Young Arts Patrons 2018- 2019 Creatives Council

Ebony Archie

Anna Bearman

Carmeon Hamilton

Rachel Knox

Kayla Miller

Chloe Moore

Ian Nunley

Nate Renner

Young Arts Patrons Members & Supporters

Laura Bolden
Lorie Bryant
Lauren Carlson
Dorothy Collier
Melissa Dison
Courtney Fowler
Noah Glenn
Stuart Janssen
Ryan Mathis
Brit McDaniel
Steve McMahon
Samson Mobashar

Marina Pacini and David McCarthy
Molly Quinn
Kristen Rambo
Danielle Smith
April Steele
Troy Wiggins

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Young Collectors Contemporary aligns with creative, innovative brands and institutions to provide a truly dynamic experience for fair guests.

We continually strive to differentiate ourself through meaningful relationships with all participants and stakeholders--including sponsors, who are always treated as partners.

Strong partnerships depend on mutual respect and establishing clear value on both sides of the equation. We are currently interested in synergistic partnerships with forward-thinking brands It is this passion for enhancing the experience of art for all which adds to the vibrancy of every Young Collectors Contemporary. 

Thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters.

We believe in the strength of the community to create a successful event. Our cultural partners offer discounts, special offers, speakers and more to enhance Young Collectors Contemporary. We can assist you in creating a proposal, selecting topics, and more. We can email you our sponsorship package!

Pay It Forward Tickets provide you with a digital code for 10 "Pay It Forward" Tickets for $250. Pay It Forward Tickets provide access to the workshops and talks hosted on Friday and Saturday at Young Collectors Contemporary. You can provide these tickets/ ticket code directly to your employees, family, students, mentees, or non-profit organizations. We'll post your name on the Young Collectors Contemporary website as a thank you for your contribution.

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