#006  Archival Inkjet


Archival Inkjet

Mark Bender


Mark Bender's work explores the intersections of control and chaos; intent and accident. Art has always been about performance for him. A dance between the thoughts, actions, and reactions of the culture in which the artist resides. He approaches each blank surface in the same manner, with an intent to touch and be touched by the work. "I have always had a desire to touch objects in an attempt to understand their meaning and value. As children this is how we approach the word around us. As adults we often become guarded and are taught to keep our hands and subsequently our hearts to ourselves. The objects that arise from these performances are my attempts to imbue the work with something more; to affect the surface and engage the viewer. "   

Bender was a part of the Honors 2016, B.F.A Honors Exhibition at the Ewing Gallery in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is currently a candidate for a BFA in Studio Art (2D) from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.