Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth

LaAndrea Mitchell

LaAndrea Deloyce Mitchell is an artist from Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up in the bluff city surrounded by color, culture, and a myriad of music gave LaAndrea a bright and saturated artistic palette to reference.

Activism, representation, and social engagement in service of the black body are her main objectives when working. She strives to serve her community through the mediums of painting, collage, performance, and writing. LaAndrea deals with a range of chronic illnesses, which only encourages intersectionality in her work.

The combination of both the black and wounded body calls into question the cohabitant nature of these ideas for blacks in America.

Present themes in her work include community, the war on black innocence, lineage, body as prison, and inheritance, which are all filtered through the distinct lens of her personal experience. Broadly speaking LaAndrea’s work is made in an attempt to evoke emotion through human interconnectivity and universal ties throughout mankind.