Serenity  Watercolor on 40lb Cold Press Canson


Watercolor on 40lb Cold Press Canson

Destiney Powell

Destiney Powell, is a 25 year old African American visual artist born and raised in Batesville Mississippi. Powell earned her Bachelor's Degree from Mississippi State University in 2013. In just a few years after graduating, Destiney has branded herself as well as her company, Poetically Illustrated Inc. With a signature style of bright, bold watercolors and controversal acrylic paintings, Destiney has kept her social media following and investors tuned in for more.

                The precision yet whimsical and colorful works created by Destiney Powell are the result of diligent attention to detail paired with imagination and the freedom of a creative mind. Powell's watercolors and acrylic paintings are the product of countless hours of planning and rendering. Each piece is created for a purpose,  to endure generations as well as speak to the present and future generations about the history of black culture. Destiney can be seen taking on the art community with her personal works and portraits.