Young Collectors Contemporary is a unique contemporary art fair and educational platform featuring the works of emerging artists and emerging curator that challenges both artist and audience members in content and form, and creates specific platforms for professional and artistic growth. We aim to present the works of artists and curators to new and existing art collectors, as well as, offer programming focused on multi-disciplinary conversations, art collecting education, and artistic professional and entrepreneurial development.

Over the years, we have had opportunities to showcase work in a range of styles, including abstract, landscape, photography, figurative art, impressionism, expressionism, street art, op art, minimalism, and installation art. 

Young Collectors Contemporary Team:

Whitney Hardy, Claire Brulatour, Mary Cameron Webster, Denise Parnell, Emily Oppenheimer

Thank you to our advisory council members:

Elliot Perry, Kimberly Jacobs, Marina Pacini


Abigail Lucien, Adam Farmer, Alex Blau, Amy Hartelust, Beth Winterburn, Brandon Donahue Brittany Vega Cherry Tigris Chloe York Danielle Sierra, Destiney Powell, Donna Woodley, Dustin Maxwell, Frank Baer, Jason Miller, Karen Golightly, Karen Seapker, Kenneth Wayne Alexander, LaAndrea Deloyce, Laurel Sucsy, Lance Turner, Lawrence Matthews, Leni Stoeva, Lindsey Bailey, Lou Haney, Mark Bender, Marlos E’van, Marquze Killion, Mary Beth Weber, Meredith Wilson, Michael Roy, Michelle Duckworth, Michelle Fair, Nakeya Brown, Nathan Alan Yoakum, Rachel Miller (2017 Emerging Curator), Ryan Steed, Sam Beasley, Savannah White, Stuart Janssen, Taj Francis, Vitus Shell, Whitney Paige Ellens, William Baddour, William Bell, Zach Kremer



Young Collectors Contemporary and Young Arts Patrons was founded by entrepreneur and art lover Whitney Hardy with a mission to support the sustainability of the contemporary visual arts by providing a curated arts marketplace for selling artworks to individuals, companies, and institutions. By developing the art collecting economy, we hope to create financial independence for artists as creatives and entrepreneurs.

Young Collectors Contemporary was founded in 2016 as part of the annual arts programming for Young Arts Patrons.The philanthropic organization organizes, curates, facilitates, and produces events with creatives, arts institutions, and arts organizations including The Brooks Museum, Ballet Memphis, The Metal Museum, Opera Memphis, IRIS Orchestra, Memphis Symphony Orchestra, and more.