Dope ART.

even doper People.


The Second Annual Young Collectors Contemporary is a recognized exhibition platform using Memphis's current revitalization project, Clayborn Temple, as a space to offer an engaging environment in which to discover emerging artists, become educated on collecting, and collect the most compelling contemporary art being produced today. All artworks in the show are displayed and available for purchase at the fair and online, giving artists unknown, emerging, mid-career, and beyond a virtual exposure to the exhibition.

The 2017 Young Collectors  Art Fair is accompanied by both social and educational programming including lectures, panels discussions, and talks with artists and art professionals.



Young Collectors Contemporary was founded in 2016 as part of the annual arts programming for Young Arts Patrons. The philanthropic organization organizes, curates, facilitates, and produces events with creatives, arts institutions, and arts organizations including The Brooks Museum, Ballet Memphis, The Metal Museum, Opera Memphis, IRIS Orchestra, Memphis Symphony Orchestra, and more. The goal of the Young Collectors Contemporary program is to support the sustainability of the contemporary visual arts by providing a marketplace for emerging artists and collectors.